Stainless Threaded Fasteners - News

Trained to be a Trainer! - Nov 2015

Leigh Bowyer, one of STF-ICON's warehouse Supervisors, recently completed an external training course to become a certified ITSSR fork lift operators, Instructor/Examiner. This intense, 2 week course, at a 3rd party examination board, was extremely demanding on Leigh's skills, knowledge and understanding of MHE equipment. It is with immense pride we announce that Leigh passed with flying colours. This new qualification is already being used to great effect within Hexstone Bilston with 3 people having been trained, examined and passed fork lift tests. Congratulations to Leigh!

Brass Fasteners, Brass Nuts, and Brass Screws as well as high grade alloy fasteners.

other materials stocked besides stainless steel fasteners include brass fasteners, brass nuts, brass screws as well as high grade alloy fasteners and HT fasteners.