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Luan passes first time.

Luan Sata joined STF-ICON in January 2015 following an extended period as a temp, during the relocation of ICON. He quickly became a valued member of the team. Working within the Sub Contract department, his commitment has produced a stability and understanding of the process, which recently led Luan to suggest he took his forklift driving license. He passed with flying colours and his ability to drive a forklift has allowed Luan to develop an independence for the Sub Contract department which has increased the efficiency of the process. Married with a young family, Luan is originally from Albania and is truly European, having lived and worked in several countries and speaks several languages. Luan always has a smile on his face a cheery word for everyone. February 2016

Brass Fasteners, Brass Nuts, and Brass Screws as well as high grade alloy fasteners.

other materials stocked besides stainless steel fasteners include brass fasteners, brass nuts, brass screws as well as high grade alloy fasteners and HT fasteners.