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The Biggest Smile

Paul Hennessy, joined ICON Fasteners at the end of 2007 on a modern apprenticeship. Since then, he has become a valued member of the STF-ICON team. Whilst Paul is a good allround warehouseman, he has particularly developed a skill in high accuracy picking of product for delivery to track side production and DC's. Paul is a quiet reserved young man, who was adamant he would never drive a Bendi truck. But recently, despite some severe reservations, agreed to be trained and take his Bendi Forklift test. To no ones surprise but his own, he passed and now uses the Bendi trucks on a daily basis within his job. It was an absolute pleasure to see the smile on Paul's face when he passed the test. Congratulation! February 2016

Brass Fasteners, Brass Nuts, and Brass Screws as well as high grade alloy fasteners.

other materials stocked besides stainless steel fasteners include brass fasteners, brass nuts, brass screws as well as high grade alloy fasteners and HT fasteners.