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Anton Hewitt - Charge-Hand

Anton joined STF in January 2007. With 9 years experience at Hexstone's Bilston site, he has recently accepted one of the two, newly created positions of Charge-Hand. Reporting directly to Adrian Potts and Leigh Bowyer, the Charge-Hand position is in full support of the two Supervisors, working closely with Kerrianne Smith - Warehouse Administrator, to provide greater organisation, accountability and visibility across the two warehouses and the many functions within the Operations Department. As part of his continued development, Anton recent passed his Bendi driving license with flying colours. Outside of work, Anton is a dedicated family man and he and his partner have a 7 year son. His other passion in life is football, which he enjoys both as a dedicated West Brom fan and also a player. Anton plays most Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season in semi-professional leagues. Conratulations on your new position. March 2016

Brass Fasteners, Brass Nuts, and Brass Screws as well as high grade alloy fasteners.

other materials stocked besides stainless steel fasteners include brass fasteners, brass nuts, brass screws as well as high grade alloy fasteners and HT fasteners.