Stainless Threaded Fasteners - News

Paul Myles

Paul Myles joined ICON Fasteners towards the end of 2010. An all round warehouseman, Paul is always interested in what is going on and has a cheery word for everyone. As part of the ongoing warehouse development, despite some reservations, Paul recently agreed to be trained on the Bendi forklift and passed. Originally from Hackney in London, Paul now lives in Perton, Wolverhampton with his partner. He is a sun-lover and takes every opportunity to escape to the sun in Spain or elsewhere in the Mediterranean. Congratulations on passing your test. March 2016

Brass Fasteners, Brass Nuts, and Brass Screws as well as high grade alloy fasteners.

other materials stocked besides stainless steel fasteners include brass fasteners, brass nuts, brass screws as well as high grade alloy fasteners and HT fasteners.