Stainless Threaded Fasteners - Quality

Registered to BS EN ISO 9001 - 2000. Hexstone Ltd is committed to offering a quality product with service which is second to none.

Products are sourced around the world from suppliers who meet the company's stringent quality requirements. Detailed analysis is carried out of these suppliers to ensure quality is maintained.

If requested at quotation, STF can offer the following reports to accompany the goods:

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A2, A4 and 18/8 metric fasteners as well as 316ss Marine fittings.

There are 2 main grades of stainless steel fasteners - the common A2 (as used on the A2 metric fasteners) or 18/8 metric fasteners and the more corrosive resistant A4 (used on A4 metric fasteners) or 316ss (as used on the 316ss marine fittings). In the marine industry, 316ss marine fittings or A4 metric fasteners are used due to the corrosiveness of salt water. Because stainless steel is a 'soft' metal, galling can sometimes be a problem, so it is recommended that A4 stainless steel nuts are used for tightening A2 male parts such as bolts and screws.

A4-80 fasteners v Standard A4

A4-80 fasteners (A4-80 stainless steel fasteners) are also available from stock, which provide greater strength than standard A4 fasteners. or A2 Hex Nuts.